Your Character Profile for Avalanche Mountain Mystery Games

Your Character Name

Rochelle La Chance

Rochelle La Chance

Occupation: Environmental activist and glacier scientist (aka glaciologist)

Home town: Originally from Les Deux Alpes in France. In 1987, moved to Canada and became a citizen.

Residence: Campground near Whistler, B.C.

Relationship to the Victim (Rider): Rivals in new resort development project on pristine glacial land

Personality: Easily excitable, passionate, and committed to social causes

Noteworthy Details: Loves all things natural and organic. Vegan. Rochelle is an environmental activist and glacial scientist, fighting the impact of tourism growth and global warming. 

Private, Printable Character Profile


Your mission:

Questions others.

Who is the killer?


Your printable

detective notepad. 

Don't miss a clue.

Crime Map

View the scene

from multiple viewpoints.

Picture the crime.


Ask good questions.

Learn about "MOM":

Motive, Opportunity, Method. 

How the Game Works

Your mission is to catch a killer.


Your host assigns characters to each guest before the game time.


You received this private profile which outlines your character's background.

No one knows who the killer is, not even the host.


The game begins with with audio to announce the murder.   


During the party, you'll interview other suspects to uncover clues.

Share information to throw suspicion away from yourself and towards others.    Never lie if you are asked a direct question, but you can color your responses to throw others off your trail.


At the end of the game, you'll guess who the killer is.


Dress in costume and know your character details.

An audio discloses the killer at the end of the game.


It’s a few hours of phone free fun.  


There may be prizes for best detective, best suspect, and other awards to ham it up.