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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Entrepreneurship: a mindset worth nurturing from youth.

Hi! We are Jacqueline and Ciara. A mother-daughter team, we started Mountain Mystery Games to have fun together.

Ciara's first Bratz Biz experience 2018
Ciara's first store: selling homemade bows and pottery

Ciara loves fan fiction and wants to write stories. Jacqueline teaches entrepreneurship to youth. Together, we wanted to mash it up to transform our passion into something more.

In 2016, Ciara received a gift for her tenth birthday that forever changed us both. It was a Kiva gift card from her friends, Hanna and Kai. Ciara invested in Rumbidzai, an aspiring female entrepreneur from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. Three year later, February 9, 2019, we received a message that Rumbidzai had repaid her loan from us. It was a WOW moment.

The Stars Aligned

We received the loan repayment news just as I had returned from a trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon, so we were especially open to new possibilities. I resumed teaching student "Be Entrepreneurial" business classes sponsored by Junior Achiever's. The year prior I led a similar program for Ciara's class. This program inspired the launched Mountain Mystery Games, a student-led fund raising effort for a school trip that generated $1000 in revenue. Since then, Ciara has accompanied me to each class finale; a Dragon's Den event where she has been a four-time judge at Whistler Secondary School.

To support the fund raiser, Ciara and I teamed up to write Avalanche, a Whistler-themed mountain murder mystery for adults and kids 10+. We tested the game with Whistler locals to create an engaging experience of phone free fun. In June 2019 we have expanded our efforts. Avalanche is our vehicle to extend our social impact. Together, we want to help other aspiring female entrepreneurs from home and abroad to succeed. We are donating 20% of all of profits s to women in Latin America seeking loans to build their own business. Maybe we can also do a very small part to address the immigration border crisis in the U.S., too!

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