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Announcing The Launch of Mountain Mystery Games and its Flagship Product, ‘Avalanche’

Unplugged Whistler-Themed Fun for Groups

Release Date: June 13, 2019

Mountain Mystery Games announced the launch of their new company at the Inside Scoop show at the Whistler Convention Center in Whistler, B.C. Canada. The first flagship product, called Avalanche, is a Whistler-themed live murder mystery game for parties and groups of eight to one hundred people.

Suitable for adults and kids ages ten or more, Avalanche brings people together for engaging Whistler-themed fun. All pre-game hosting materials are available online and accessible from any device. Pre-printed packs are also available.

Jacqueline Maartense and Ciara Giesebrecht, a mother-daughter team from Whistler, want to inspire and support the success of business women everywhere. Mountain Mystery Games is the vehicle to make that happen. Thirteen year old Ciara Giesebrecht, Chief Detective, explained:My mom and I built this company to make fun together; my goal is to run it myself one day. This fall it will be my year-long grade eight project at Waldorf Secondary School.”

No One Knows Who The Killer Is, Not Even The Host

With unique and colourful characters, the host assigns a character role to each guest. Participants receive a confidential character profile and simple costume suggestions. The character guide may be distributed electronically before party day.

The game begins with audio and optional video announcing the murder. During the party, guests interview other suspects to assess motives, means, and opportunity. The goal is to guess the killer and throw suspicion towards others without telling a lie or withholding the truth.

There is a separate audio file to disclose the killer as well as optional real video footage of the crime scene. It’s a few hours of tech free fun together.

Private party packs cost $120. Compared to a group outing to the movies, this entertainment costs less and offers a more engaging social experience.

Tested by Whistler Locals

The game has been battle tested with people from the Whistler community. Sue Oakey and her son helped us test the game, “My 12 year old son and I were engaged for the full two hours trying to find out ‘who dunnit’. What a great way to spend time with friends and family. I highly recommend it.”

Empowering Business Women at Home and Abroad to Succeed

The company mission is to help business women everywhere to succeed. Twenty percent of all Mountain Mystery Games’ profits go to support female entrepreneurs in developing countries through our association with Kiva, a global micro-lending non-profit organization supporting small businesses in seventy eight countries.

For those who want to donate directly to aspiring business women in developing countries the company created the ‘Fund 50 Females’ drive. To join our Mountain Mystery Games team go to: Donors receive 20% off a future game purchase.

Jacqueline Maartense, Champion of Entrepreneurs, explained the genesis of this ‘joint adventure’ with her daughter, Ciara, “We will measure our success in two ways: Are we making fun together? Are we inspiring and supporting other female entrepreneurs in our journey?”

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